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Crystal Grids 101: How to Make Them, The Best Kits and Sacred Geometry Templates

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Manifesting a desire, goal or specific intention? Crystal grids are a great way to support that process, and even strengthen or speed it up!

One of the greatest things about crystal grids (and why they’re so powerful) is they unify the energy of all the crystals placed together, creating a little vortex of energy that supports your manifesting intention. 

The creativity that you pour into them, the sacred geometry that exists in the pattern you create and the connection between all the crystals you choose make for a powerful manifestation tool, regardless of your intention. 

I create crystal grids throughout the year to support me with manifestation, protecting my home, healing the collective, and more. The ritual aspect of creating them offers a deep sense of grounding and connection to personal power. It’s one of my favorite spiritual practices!

If you’re not sure how to make a crystal grid and use it to manifest for yourself, you’ve come to the right place. 

Grab a cup of cacao and let’s dive in! 


What is a Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a combination of specific crystals that are placed in a sacred pattern for the purpose of supporting you with manifesting an intention or achieving a goal. They can include additional items like plants, flowers, wood/sticks, candles and even cacao. You decide! 



What is Crystal Gridwork?

Crystal gridwork is the art of making and utilizing crystal grids. It’s a spiritual practice that involves choosing specific crystals, arranging them in a sacred geometric pattern and setting a specific intention for the grid’s energetic effect. The connection between the crystals arranged and your intention create a powerful energetic spiral that can be used to manifest a desired outcome. 

The spiritual practice of crystal gridwork can be used for healing, manifestation, protection, and more. 

To me, crystal gridwork is an art-form and an opportunity for you to express your creativity through spiritual practice while manifesting an intention at the same time.

It has meditative effects and can feel exciting, grounding and inspiring.


What You’ll Need to Make Your Own Crystal Grids

  • A sacred space to place your grid
  • Crystals that align with your intention (more on that below)
  • A center piece (I like to use a pyramid, quartz point, or flower for this)
  • Amplifying quartz points
  • Plants, flowers, sticks/wood, candles or any other object you feel align
  • Optional, but recommend one of the following:

>>>Purchase the Sacred Geometry Printable Crystal Grid Templates Here


Types of Crystal Grids

You can make a crystal grid for just about anything.

Here are a few examples:

  • Healing the collective: when traumatic or stressful events happen you can create a crystal grid with the intention of soothing, healing, calming the collective.
  • Love: to attract more love into your life, bring stronger love to your current relationships, heal heartbreak or open up to love. 
  • Money: to attract more financial abundance, heal your relationship with money, earn more money or attract more success into your life. 
  • Protection: to protect your home, your family, yourself, your business, etc.
  • Healing: to help with emotional, spiritual or physical healing.
  • Manifestation: to manifest a specific intention or goal.
  • Good vibes and positivity: to help elevate the energy in your home and attract good energy, to increase optimism, to create an energy of positivity in your space. 


What Kind of Crystals to Use in Your Grids

Depending on your intention, you may want to use the following crystals when making your grid.

  • Healing the Collective: rose quartz, smoky quartz, rainbow moonstone, jasper, herkimer diamond, amethyst, citrine, amazonite, sunstone, agate
  • Love: rose quartz, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, aventurine, garnet, moonstone, ruby, pink tourmaline, malachite, kunzite, chrysocola, carnelian
  • Money: pyrite, citrine, aventurine, green, jade, tigers eye, peridot, emerald
  • Healing: blue calcite, blue kyanite, pearl, amber, topaz, blue lace agate, celestite, amethyst, sodalite, opal, fluorite, sunstone
  • Protection:black tourmaline, onyx, smoky quartz, black kyanite, fluorite, carnelian, hematite, howlite, bloodstone, malachite
  • Manifestation: citrine, aventurine, pyrite, rose quartz, moonstone
  • Good Vibes and Positivity: rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, selenite, tangerine quartz, lemon quartz, moonstone



A note on Sacred Geometry in Crystal Grids

Sacred geometry patterns can be found all throughout nature- in the spiral of a pinecone, the inner rings of a tree, the wings of a butterfly or the shell of a snail. These natural patterns hold a unique and powerful energy that can connect us to our own divine and natural power. When we tap into the patterns of nature and lean on them to create magic in our life, the intentions we set are amplified. Making a crystal grid with sacred geometry patterns will leave you feeling inspired and connected to the magic of the universe, a limitless feeling that moves you to manifest exactly what your heart desires. 




How to Make Your Own Crystal Grids: Step-by-step


1.Cleanse and Prepare Sacred Space

Prepare a space to set up your crystal grid, preferably on a flat surface. Cleanse the area of any clutter or debris, and cleanse it energetically as well. For suggestions on how to do an energetic cleanse, read this post: Energy Cleansing for Empaths.


2. Set Intention

Before you begin choosing and arranging your crystals, bring your intention to mind. What would you like your crystal grid to support you with? You can keep track of this mentally or write it down on a piece of paper. 

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3. Choose crystals

With your intention in mind, choose crystals that support your desired outcome. Reference the crystals listed above to make your selection. I recommend using clear quartz points in every grid as it helps to amplify your intentions and connect the energy of the other crystals you’ve chosen. 


4. Choose cloth or grid template

This part is optional, though I find it to be a great way to get started with crystal grid making and also influence the sacred geometry of your grid. You can purchase a crystal grid cloth like this one: Moon Phase Flower of Life Cloth or a wooden one like this: Sacred Geometry Wooden Crystal Grid board

I also have these crystal grid templates available in my printable shop: 

>>>Printable Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Templates 


5. Write intention and place in center (or nearby)

Writing your intention for your crystal grid is a great way to help focus the energy around what you desire to manifest. I like to write my intention down on the  intention setting worksheets from my Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Templates then place it underneath the grid itself. 


6. Place your center stone

Once your foundation is set, place the center stone. I like to use a quartz pyramid like this one: Clear Quartz Point from Spirit Nectar on Etsy


7. Place surrounding stones

Using your crystal grid template, place your surrounding stones in a geometrical pattern. As you set your stones out, keep your intention in mind. Be present, intentional and follow your intuition as you let your creative self design a powerful crystal grid that supports the intention you’re manifesting. 


Recommended crystal sets for your grid:


8. Add amplification stones (optional, recommended)

Adding small quartz points in and around the outside of your grid is a great way to connect the crystals you chose and also amplify the intentions you set. I use small ones like these: Small Clear Quartz Points for Crystal Gridding


9. Add flowers, plants or herbs (optional)

Taking a nature walk outside and around the neighborhood to find sticks, flowers, leaves or plants to add to your grid is always a good idea. I think this makes your grid more beautiful and more connected to the earth element. 


10. Activate grid

Once you’re done laying out your crystal grid, activate it with your hands or a crystal wand. (Like this quartz and amethyst healing wand)

To activate, draw an invisible line with your crystal wand (or your finger/hand) starting on the outside crystals and moving inwards. Think of it like “connecting the dots,” bridging the energy of each crystal to the next, tying your intentions into the grid and creating a swirl of energy.





Crystal Grid Boards

Wooden crystal grid boards are a fun way to bring sacred geometry into your grid making practice. Here are a few wooden crystal grid boards you can try:


Crystal Grid Cloths

A more soft, energetically gentle way to bring crystal grid templates into your practice are by using grid cloths. Heres a beautiful set of crystal grid cloths you can grab on etsy:


Printable Crystal Grid Templates

A quick and easy way to start using sacred geometry templates for your crystal grids is by grabbing a copy of my Printable Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Templates. You can find them in the Bloom and Manifest Shop for $10.

>>Printable Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Templates 


Crystal Grid Kits

Here are a few sets I recommend that include everything you need to make your own crystal grid: 


Recommended Crystal Grid Books




Crystal Grids FAQ

How do I activate the Crystal Grids?

To activate, draw an invisible line with your crystal wand (or your finger/hand) starting on the outside crystals and moving inwards. Think of it like “connecting the dots,” bridging the energy of each crystal to the next, tying your intentions into the grid and creating a swirl of energy.


How do I arrange my crystals?

You can follow a pattern using sacred geometry (like these!) or you can create your own design using your intuition.


What is a crystal grid cloth?

A crystal grid cloth is a piece of natural cotton cloth that has a sacred geometry design on it. This can be used as a template to design your grid in a powerful pattern that uses the universal energy of sacred geometry.

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