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How to Manifest on Paper: Writing Rituals for Massive Manifestation

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An extra 10K in the bank, a romantical encounter with a brand new suitor, a booming business,  inner peace and unshakeable confidence… whatever your heart desires can be manifested.

Using all the tools and magical rituals for manifestation is a great way to build up the mindset and energy you need to make. it. happen. 

Not sure what these “tools and rituals” that I’m referring to are? You’re in the right place.

While I have a ton of tools and rituals for manifesting, healing and thriving on the blog- this article is all about how to manifest on paper. It’s one of the most time-tested, powerful ways to shift your reality.

Grab a magical journal, a graphite pencil (or colored ink pen) and your biggest goals and dreams so you can start manifesting on paper today.

I’m sharing all the different ways to do so, below.

Grab a cup of cacao and let’s dive in! 


woman writing on paper for how to manifest


What is Manifesting?

Manifesting is the spiritual art of co-creating with the universe. It’s part magic, part work. 

To really manifest something into your life (especially those big goals that feel so far), I’ve learned it takes a great deal of inner work, persistent action, and deep soul-level belief. 

You have to become the person who is capable of holding the vision of your desires and working to make it happen.

Sometimes that means doing some deep healing or shadow work to overcome limiting beliefs, behaviors and thought patterns. 

It looks different for everyone, and simultaneously is possible for everyone. 

All you have to do is believe and meet the universe halfway by doing the work. 


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Things to Keep in Mind As You Manifest on Paper

As I mentioned above, manifesting does require some work on your part. You have to take action and invest in the personal growth necessary to achieve the life you’re after. 

Contrary to some manifestation teachings- you don’t just write the affirmation or do the 369 journaling method and then expect your life to magically change. 

You have to open up to the divine guidance that comes through when you start doing manifestation rituals and start making choices that tell the universe you’re ready for it and willing to go get it.

In regards to these rituals for manifesting on paper- you will first notice your mind begin to shift. Day-by-day you start to believe “it” is possible. Don’t get me wrong, some days will feel off, like what the heck is taking so long?!

This is where you lean in and stay persistent. 

The magic only works if you do. Commit, follow through, give yourself grace and be patient as you embark on the journey of manifesting your best life.

Now… onto the fun stuff! 


How to Manifest on Paper: Writing Rituals for Massive Manifestation


1. Scripting

Scripting is a manifestation technique that involves writing out a specific goal that you would like to achieve as if it has already happened. 

This can spark detailed creative visualization as you imagine your goal already happening and writing down in detail what that looks like. Adding in a gratitude statement for what you’ve  “achieved” is a great addition to this method.

You can write your desires into reality with this method. It helps rewire the part of your brain that’s responsible for what you perceive, the RAS (Reticular Activating System). By consistently telling your brain “this has already happened,” via your scripting journal entries, your brain will support your manifestation process by beginning to seek out evidence and opportunities that align with this happening. 


2. Pillow Method to Manifest on Paper

I have a whole article on this here- The Pillow Method: A Fun and Easy Manifestation Technique, that you can read if you’d like to dive into manifesting with this method and get all the details.

Essentially, you write down what you’d like to manifest in the form of an affirmation.

For example, ”I’m so grateful that I earned $10,000 through my business this month!” 

Written on a notecard or piece of paper, place your affirmation underneath your pillow before you go to sleep. 

You can accompany your paper with an amethyst crystal, smoky quartz or pyrite to help support your manifestation intention. 

Learn more about the pillow method here.


3. Paper Burning Ritual

Using the element of fire to manifest on paper is a powerful way to lean into elemental magic as you manifest. 

To do so, write down what you’d like to manifest on a piece of paper and then over a fire-safe bowl (I love this triple moon mini cauldron from amazon) burn it to ashes. As it burns, gaze gently into the flame and visualize your desire coming true. Pay attention to the emotions you feel and tap into what it will feel like to achieve this goal. 

This is a great way to manifest on paper during the New Moon. 


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4. Gratitude Journaling 

journal with flowers for how to manifest on paper

Gratitude journaling is a simple way to start raising your vibration and looking for more good things surrounding you. With an elevated vibration and optimistic mindset, you’re much more likely to manifest your goals. 

I like to keep a specific journal dedicated to gratitude (I use this Magic of I Vegan Leather Journal) because it just feels magical and intentional. 

You can start by writing down 10 things you’re grateful for every single morning. This practice is life-changing and will most definitely help you get into the right headspace for manifesting your biggest goals and dreams. 


5. Dream Tracking for Manifestation Alignment

Keeping a dream journal is another great way to manifest on paper. 

To do so, simply jot down as much as you can remember from your dream each morning when you wake up. 

Pay attention to symbols, locations, people, and feelings that you experience in the dream world. 

When you have time, go back and look up the meaning of those dream symbols. You can always start by interpreting what you think they mean by yourself first, then going and researching common meanings are as well.

I love AuntyFlo for dream symbol interpretation but there’s a ton of other good resources out there too! 

These symbols can sometimes bring you messages about actions to take, decisions to make or inspiration for manifesting in alignment with your higher purpose. 


6. 369 Method for Manifesting

I have a whole article on this method here, going over A to Z how it works and how to use it. Read it here: How to Use the 369 Method for Manifesting

Simply put, create an a scripted affirmation of what you’d like to manifest.

For example, “I’m so grateful I accomplished _____ goal, finally! I feel successful, abundant and happy.” 

Write your affirmation 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times in the evening before bed.

Continue for at least 21 days. More details on that in my 369 Method for Manifesting article.

Recommended: 369 Manifesting Journal Guided Workbook


7. 555 Manifestation Method 

lined journal surrounded by green crystals for how to manifest on paper

Similar to the 369 method, the 555 manifestation method also involves writing a specific manifesting affirmation / statement repeatedly to utilize the magic of numerology and affirmation. 

To do the 555 method, write your affirmation or intention 55 times a day for 5 days. 

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8. Morning Pages

A practice from The Artists Way by Julia Cameron, morning pages is a great way to clear up some mental space as you manifest on paper. 

To use this writing ritual, keep a journal by your bedside. When you first wake up, do a “brain-dump” style of free flow journaling. Write without analyzing, judging, or editing. Just write until you’ve filled up at least a page or two. 

The idea behind this is to clear out your mind of any density, intrusive thoughts or emotions that need clearing. 

From here you can move on with your morning (and perhaps other morning rituals or manifesting rituals) with a clear head and open mind. 


9. Dream Life Manifestation List

Kind of similar to scripting, but instead of visualizing and describing your dream life, just make a list of everything you desire without holding back.

If nothing was off the table, if you knew that the answer was yes, what would you ask for?

Make a list of everything you desire to accomplish or attract. Think of it like a shopping list or even a birthday wish list.

When you’re done making your manifestation list, put it in a manifestation box or keep it somewhere safe where you can go back and read it periodically to see how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished. 

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10. Aligned Action Planning

a journal that can be used to manifest on paper with a cup of coffee

One of the rituals that has changed my life the most and helped me to manifest my goals is planning out my aligned actions. 

Aligned actions are things you personally can do to help change your life and make your manifestation goal a reality. 

I use my Magic of I Astrological Planner to break down all my monthly goals, and the tasks I need to complete in order to make them happen. 

The harder you work, the harder the magic works! Its a magical win-win. 


11. Future Self Interview

This is something I learned from Gala Darling. You can watch the video I’m referring to here: Gala Loves Everything- A Hot Manifesting Secret

She shares this practice as something to speak aloud to yourself, but I think it would do great as a writing manifestation ritual too. 

To do so, ask your future self, “What did you do to accomplish that ___ goal?”

Then allow yourself to free flow and write the answer. Similar to morning pages, don’t try to analyze or edit your thoughts, just write down what comes up.

This is a great way to let the subconscious mind flow and bring ideas up to the conscience that you may not have thought of before. Give it a try! 


More Benefits of Using Paper to Manifest

journals and herbal tea for manifesting on paper


Since most of these manifestation rituals involve journaling, you’ll definitely find that things become clearer. Morning pages, gratitude, and even the 369 method can all bring forth clarity as you write your thoughts down onto paper. You may find you want to manifest something other that you originally thought or that your desire strengthens and path becomes clearer.


Self Awareness:

Similar to finding clarity, these practices for manifesting on paper can help you to increase self-awareness. Sometimes self-awareness can be a tricky thing- we may think we know exactly what we want and who we are, but when we dive deep under the surface and past our conditioning we find new truths to exist. Intentional manifesting rituals that involve writing on paper can certainly increase your level of self-awareness and bring it to new depths.


Habit Forming:

One thing that many of these writing rituals has brought to me is an ability to create new, strong, aligned habits. When you put pencil to paper and start writing your new reality into existence, you may notice there are things you need to start doing. Or, the level of persistence and consistency needed to accomplish your goal becomes clearer to you. I think this is a beautiful benefit and will help encourage you to take even more aligned action. Remember, the stronger the work, the stronger the magic.


Inspiration to Take Action:

Especially if you’re coming back to these rituals for manifesting on paper consistently, you will definitely start to notice an inspiration to take actions that align with your goals. This spark brings you to start meeting the universe half way and start doing the work that is necessary to help make it happen, whatever that looks like for you and your goal.


Extra Tips to Boost Your Manifestation

galaxy and trees for how to manifest


Daily meditation is a great way to keep your mind clear, your frequency high and your motivation activated. I personally like doing guided meditations or focusing on a mantra. I do at least 10 minutes every morning, sometimes longer. Boho Beautiful on Youtube is one of my go-to’s for guided meditations. You can even do meditations that are specifically focused on your manifestation goal, like visualization.



Work on your mindset and belief system. Sometimes we can sabotage our manifestations by continuing to stay in negative thought patterns, habit cycles or perceptions. Tune into your heart and check if your beliefs are in alignment with your desires. You can desire something and subconsciously doubt that it’s possible for you. You have to really believe and act with conviction in order to manifest.

Some good mindset books are:


Ceremonial Cacao


ceremonial cacao with rose for how to manifest on paper

One of my utmost favorite ritual combinations is ceremonial cacao and writing. How perfect for manifesting on paper! Making a cup of ceremonial cacao with the intention of working with the cacao spirit medicine in your manifesting journey is a beautiful way to amplify your results and align with your higher purpose.

To do so, stir your intentions into the cacao as you prepare it. Sip it mindfully and invite the spirit of cacao to join and assist you on your manifestation journey. For my favorite magical and life-changing cacao recipes, read this post- 15 Ceremonial Cacao Recipes to Up-level Your Life: Ultimate Cacao Recipe Guide



Should I throw my manifestation paper away?

Once you feel complete with your manifestation paper, it’s no harm to throw it away. If it’s in a journal, I like to keep my journals and store them to look back on in the future.

But if you just used a separate piece of paper you can either burn it over a fire safe bowl (I love this triple moon mini cauldron) or just throw it away as you keep thoughts of gratitude on the mind.


Can I write it on my phone?

While I believe your intentions are the most powerful part (not WHERE you write them), I’m a believer in writing things down the old fashioned way. Theres something more intuitive, ritualistic, and powerful about writing on real paper. If you can, I recommend this over writing on your phone.

Writing with a graphite pencil is a great way to amplify your intentions, too. Graphite is a powerful element that carries a powerful high frequency, perfect for writing your desires into reality!

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How long will it take to manifest on paper?

This depends and varies depending on a lot of factors. Some manifesting can happen rather quickly, feeling like absolute magic. Other times, manifesting can take a long time. It’s all about learning how to enjoy the journey and vibrate in a state of gratitude as often as possible. Some manifestations require you to become an entirely different person. If you focus on growing your self-belief and take consistent aligned action without giving up (even if it takes a year or two!) you will see change. 

Try your best to detach from the timeline and just keep believing and moving forward.


How do you write a manifestation paper?

There are several suggestions throughout this article. To chose one, take a moment to connect with your inner voice, or your intuition. Once you’ve decided on the method for manifesting on paper that you’d like to use, grab a journal that feels good to you… I LOVE my Magic of I Vegan Leather Mystical Journal, it feels so luscious and magical! Use either a graphite pencil or a pen with colored ink that matches your desire and begin your manifesting on paper ritual. (Ex. Love= red, money= green, healing=blue, inspiration=yellow).


How do you write a sentence that attracts?

Writing a sentence in scripting from (as if it’s already happened) and including gratitude is a great way to write a sentence that attracts. Example- “I am so grateful I earned an extra 10K this month. I feel so accomplished and free!”


What should NOT be written when manifesting?

I would avoid any manifestation that interrupts the free will of others, or will cause hurt/havoc in someone else’s life. Be kind hearted, manifest with a greater purpose, and try your best not to interrupt the will of others.

I hope this article inspires you to begin manifesting on paper! These rituals have all been super helpful in my journey of healing and manifesting. I’ve manifested blog growth, aligned friendships and more money using these writing rituals. May they serve you well and happy manifesting!

Feel free to share your manifestation experiences below, I’d love to hear some success stories or breakthroughs!


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