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How to Use the 369 Method for Manifesting

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When it comes to manifesting methods, there are so many different rituals you can try and approaches you can take. The more the merrier, honestly! In this post we’re diving into the 369 method for manifesting.

The 369 method for manifesting is a great way to begin shifting your mindset to start believing your desires are possible and actually start attracting them into your life at the same time.

It uses repetition, numerology, affirmations and the law of attraction to help you manifest a specific goal or feeling. 

To use the 369 method for manifesting, you’ll need to create a manifestation affirmation (detailed below) and write it 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times in the evening before bed for at least 21 days. 

When you’re done trying this method (I recommend sticking to it for at least the 21 days) I’m sure you’ll begin to notice a shift in your energy, your mindset, your ability to attract your desires and create exciting changes in your life. 

I’ve used this method to manifest blog growth, grow aligned friendships, and make more money. 

Grab a cup of cacao and let’s dive in! 

journal on table with coffee for 369 method for manifesting


What is the Significance of 369?

The number 369 is associated with Nikola Tesla, who famously stated that “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” Tesla believed that the number 369 was an important key to understanding the universe and its energy. In particular, he believed that the number 369 was related to the power of the circle and represented a cycle of energy that could be harnessed to create powerful inventions… Combining this logic with manifestation methods like the law of attraction is a powerful combo!


How Does the 369 Method Work?

By combining numerology with the law of attraction, the 369 method works by helping you tap into the magical frequency of numerology. As mentioned above, Tesla noted the significance of this powerful sequence and used it to create breakthroughs himself.

Spiritual leaders like Abraham Hicks and Louise Hay have both shared extensive work on the power of affirmations, which is another component of the 369 method for manifesting. 

Then add in the power of repetition, consistency and a little effort on your part (writing the same sentence 18 times a day isn’t exactly a walk in the park)- it’s the perfect catalyst for some exciting changes in your life!  

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How to Use the 369 Method for Manifesting: Step-By-Step

girl journaling on bed with coffee for 369 method for manifesting


Step 1: Create Your Manifestation Statement

This is where the affirmation component comes in.

You’ll need to first decide on what you’d like to manifest. If you’re new to manifesting,  I recommend choosing something that feels somewhat achievable to you.

By all means, stretch your beliefs and dream big, but if you’ve had trouble manifesting in the past, it’s a good idea to work up your scale of believability.

For example, instead of manifesting $10,000, try manifesting $5,000. The point here is breaking down your goal into smaller stepping stones until you can really embody and believe in a huge manifestation leap. This of course will look different for everyone.

Once you’ve decided on your goal, create an affirmation to use as your manifestation statement.

Some tips for creating your manifestation statement:

  • Write in terms as if it’s already happened. Avoid “I can, I will, I desire to” and instead write “I have, I did, I’ve accomplished.” 
  • Include gratitude into your statement.
  • Include how you’ll feel into your statement.

Here’s an example using all of these elements: “I’m so grateful I earned $5,000 in my business this month! I feel successful, free and joyful.”

Another example is, “I’m so grateful I met an incredible person to date. I feel aligned, seen,  loved and happy.” 


Step 2: Journal 3 Times in the Morning

journal on table with candle for 369 manifesting method

With your manifestation statement ready to go (written in present tense- check, gratitude included- check, how you’ll feel included- check), you can begin the actual 369 method for manifesting. 

In the morning, after your morning rituals or maybe with a cup of cacao, write your manifestation statement 3 times. 

As you write, focus on the feeling associated with what your manifesting. When you get that *thing,* how will you feel? Try to tap into that feeling as if it’s already happened while you’re writing. 

Move through your day with a sense of non-attachment, don’t grip too hard on the outcome or obsess about it happening. Be confident and trust that your desire or something better is on its way to you.




Step 3: Journal 6 Times in the Afternoon

Next, when midday comes, journal your manifestation statement again, but this time write it out 6 times. Maybe take a moment on your lunch break, or carve out 10 minutes to get it done sometime in the middle of the day. 

Just like you did with your morning journaling, keep those same feelings in mind. Visualize what your life would look like with your desire becoming a reality. Tap into the feelings of having it already and allow those emotions to wash over you.

When you’re done writing your affirmation 6 times, carry on throughout your day.

journal with coffee and sunglasses for 369 manifesting method


Step 4: Journal 9 Times in the Evening Before Bed

Finally, just before you go to bed, write your affirmation from earlier but this time write it down 9 times. Keep the same energy and approach from earlier in the day.

As you drift off to sleep afterwards, visualize your manifestation coming true.

Repeat this process for at least 21 days, or as long as you feel is necessary to create magic. 


>>>Extra Tips for Using the 369 Method for Manifestation

  1. Write in graphite pencil or a colored ink pen that aligns with your manifestation. Graphite is made of a strong, transformative element. It’s a great way to supercharge any written manifestations. Color magic is also a great way to amplify your manifestation just choose a color that aligns with what you’re manifesting (red=love, green=money, blue=healing, etc). 
  2. Speak in terms as if your manifestation has already happened.
  3. Release expectations and attachment.
  4. Don’t give up.
  5. Take aligned action.
  6. Connect to your purpose and the “why” behind your manifesting. 
  7. Reframe negative thoughts and doubts. 




>>Other Resources to Support your 369 Method Manifesting Journey

two manifestation pens on a buddha card for valentines day gift

  • Manifesting Pens- luxurious and filled with specific manifesting crystals to help amplify the energy behind your manifestation and bring it to life.
  • Magic Of I Vegan Leather Journal– my favorite, luscious and magical journal that accompanies my Magic of I Astrological Planner (amazinggg for planning out that aligned action!)
  • 369 Method Journal from amazon– a beautiful option if you’re someone who like templates and intentional spaces to write your morning, afternoon and evening manifestation statement. It also has pages to map out your aligned actions which is a huge boost to making you manifestations happen faster.
  • Citrine Crystal– one of my favorite, most high-vibing crystals that does a wonderful job elevating your positive energy and assisting with the manifesting process, especially when related to money or business success.

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369 Method for Manifesting FAQS

How many days to do the 369 Method for Manifesting?

I recommend doing it for 21 days (this is how long it takes to form a habit) and it also reduces down to the number 3 which is the first number in the 369 method sequence.

Some recommend continuing for 33 days, 45 days, 93 days or longer. Follow your intuition to decide the right length for you.


How long does it take for the 369 method to work?

This varies! Depends on what you’re manifesting, what needs to shift in your life before it happens, how much aligned action you take, and the strength of your beliefs. It’ll be different for everyone.

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What happens if you miss a day of 369 manifestation method? 

No worries, just pick back up the next day! The intentions behind your rituals are more important than doing them perfectly or being “exact.” While yes you do want to harness the numerical power of this number sequence, it’s not going to throw anything off if you miss a day or one of the 3 entries. 


Are there any 369 method templated journals that work well?

Yes, I recommend this one: 369 Method Journal

If you’re someone who like templates, journal prompts and intentional spaces to write, this journal is a great option. Theres a space to write your morning, afternoon and evening manifestation statement daily. It also has pages to map out your aligned actions which is a huge boost to making you manifestations happen faster. Check it out here: 369 Method Journal


I hope this article inspires you to go start manifesting your dreams! Journaling is an incredible personal growth tool and when combined with the magic of numerology, affirmations, the law of attraction and your daily intentional efforts can truly be life-changing.

Happy Manifesting! 

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