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I Tried Earth and Moon’s Grounding Mat… Here’s What I Think!

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When considering ways to ground myself, I have to be honest, a grounding mat isn’t what I had in mind. 

My first choice would be outside barefoot in the grass. Red jasper and black tourmaline in hand. 

My second choice would be outside laying skin to boulder. Sunshine and pine trees surrounding me.

My third choice would be outside frolicking in a natural body of water. Ocean waves and crystally sand in my toes. 

…but the reality is many of us have to spend a lotta time indoors.

For example, maybe you’re a city dweller who doesn’t have easy access to nature spots to ground in. 

Or maybe the weather isn’t all that great-  it’s not always sunshine and rainbows!

Regardless of where you’re at, it’s possible that you’d like to reap the benefits of grounding while hanging out indoors.

Laying on your comfy bed.

Click-clacking away at your office desk.

Or even chopping up veggies in the kitchen.

We could all use some more earth connection. 

Enter, grounding mats. 


How times have changed

Our ancestors walked the earth barefoot or with conductive leather-soled shoes. They slept on the ground and cultivated the land with their bare hands. They spent their time outside, connecting with the earth and working with her in a symbiotic relationship. every. single. day. 

Now our lives look very different… much of them revolving around rubber and plastic, disconnected from the earth. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With conscious intentions, we can rebuild our connection with the earth. 

We can rebuild that symbiotic relationship and remain grounded instead of frazzled. 

Are you with me?

woman bare feet on grass


What is a grounding mat and how does it work?

Also known as an earthing pad, earthing mat, or grounding pad.

Typically made with a conductive material like copper, carbon, silver or aluminum, a grounding mat is a tool you can use to get connected with the earth from indoors.

Perfect for when you’re in the office, resting in bed, or unable to get outside for whatever circumstance. 

The grounding mat I tried uses silver to conduct the flow of electrons needed to recalibrate your energy and dispel excess electrostatic. Ahem, that just means you can let out a sigh and absorb the benefits of mama earth’s beautiful energy from the comfort of indoors. 

You may notice you feel a slight tingle (if you’re sensitive to energy, like me), a sense of stress relief, and a dose of energetic clarity.

To use it, you just plug it into the ground port of an electrical outlet. This does not mean the mat uses electricity to function! (contrary to what I thought grounding mats did prior to trying this one)

Be sure to use a grounded electrical outlet. Don’t worry these grounding mats come with a tester. Pictured a few photos below. 

When you place your feet on the mat, your body is able to absorb the natural energy from the Earth. This energy helps to reduce inflammation, reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase natural energy levels.

indoor grounding mat


What are the benefits of using a grounding mat?

Grounding has tons of incredible benefits. I believe it’s necessary for all humans (and doggos) to ground with the earth daily. By connecting to the earth’s surface we access benefits like the following:

  • Reduced stress levels
  • Reduced inflammation levels
  • Increased circulation levels
  • A clearer mind 
  • Energetic cleansing (hey empaths and HSPs)
  • Heart chakra healing (ALL chakra healing, really)
  • A sense of balance 
  • A sense of renewal 
  • Feeling supported and connected to the world around you

Using a grounding mat can supplement your daily earth dose, but should not replace it. 




Do I need to worry about EMFs when using a grounding mat?

You do not need to worry about EMFs (harmful electromagnetic frequencies) when using a grounding mat (unless you are surrounded by electronics when using it). The mat itself does not run on electricity, it just uses your electrical outlet to connect to the earth. Multimeter tests show that it actually lowers body voltage! 


My Experience with the Earth and Moon Grounding Mat 

When I received my Earth and Moon Grounding Mat, I was enchanted by the beautiful, modern and simple packaging. 

It comes in a tube like this: 

After testing my outlet with the included outlet tester, I got the orange light! That means the outlet is properly grounded and can be used with the grounding mat to connect properly with the earth. 

When your outlet tester lights up orange, like this, that means your outlet is properly connected to the ground.

I plugged it in and put my feet on the mat. 

Almost instantly, I felt a gentle tingle. (If you’re an HSP or empath you’ll probably experience the same). 

Followed by a sense of deep calm. 

The energetic stress that was swarming around my head from my long and busy day seemed to dissipate. I felt grounded, present and clear-headed. 

The first time I used it, I stayed connected for 15 minutes. After that, I was about ready for a nap, it left me feeling so relaxed. 

Now I’ve been using it in increments of 20 minutes anytime I’m working at my desk and it’s been a huge help in keeping me grounded while I’m typing away at the computer. 

But don’t be mistaken, I still get outside to soak up some sun rays and dig my toes into the earth when it’s warm enough!


Things to Keep in Mind when Considering a Grounding Mat

  1. These should be used as a supplement to your grounding practice, never a replacement. 
  2. When you can (and you should definitely prioritize this), always opt for earth-to-skin grounding techniques first. I have an article full of ideas for grounding yourself here: How to Ground Yourself for Balance, Protection & Inner Peace
  3. Make sure your electrical outlet is properly grounded. If not, opt-out of using the grounding mat or instead- take it with you to use when traveling or heading into the office. The earth and moon grounding mat comes with an outlet tester that is small and super easy to use. 
  4. Start gradually with your grounding mat. Start with 10 minutes and work your way up to 30. This is especially useful if you are a sensitive person.



I love some good old fashioned grounding… Feet on the earth, soaking up sunshine, really being outside in nature and filling up on earth energy. 

That being said, I did feel a similar effect when using the Earth and Moon Grounding Mat. I felt grounded and like a reset button had been pressed on my energetic system. I like that it uses conductive metal like silver to help move the electrons from the earth to my body. It’s a great alternative for those days when you can’t get outside long enough, or for those times when you’re working at the computer. 

If you’d like to try the grounding mat for yourself, you can do so here. Use code 10MANIFEST for a discount on your order!

Let me know your thoughts if you do try it! 

Happy grounding <3

This blog post is sponsored by Earth and Moon. All opinions are my own. Earth and Moon is an alternative wellness company focused on helping the world feel less stressed and less depleted. Just like Bloom and Manifest, they want others to feel more connected, peaceful and grounded. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep the blog going! 


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