Monday, December 4, 2023

Reflexology for Trauma, Addiction, & Recovery (Thank you Boston!)

I recently returned from Boston, MA to teach my 2-day live class, Reflexology for Trauma, Addiction, & Recovery. What a remarkable trip, with an incredible group of practitioners! 

Reflexology is a bottom-up practice, which means we have a way into the inner body that may provide much relief to those whose nervous systems may be habituated to experiencing a hyper or hypo aroused state in daily life. I love teaching this class because it gives me the opportunity to educate reflexologists and practitioners seeking to best serve and support these communities. 

Thank you so much to the Massachusetts Association of Reflexology (MAR) for inviting me to teach this class.  Until we meet again!

If you are interested in bringing this class to your area, contact me HERE

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